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Our policies
and procedures

1-The Target:

These policies and procedures specify the rights and obligations between the company and its the independent representative’s. This text governs the total contractual relationship between the company and its representative and independent representative application and the compensation plan accepted and approved by the company.

2 - Definitions:

The agreement: Means the future approval by the company to independent representative application provided by the representative has ratified the agreement of the independent sales representative.

Date of the annual session: The annual session is considered to be the duration of the Independent Representative as the Company's representative.

Annual management fee: It means annual membership renewal fees are non-refundable that the Independent representative must pay to renew the contractual relationship with the company as its representative at the date of each new annual session.

Group/ beginning set: It is a set that includes the company's educational and training materials and data.

The company: It is the commercial entity that provides services and products and is the contractor with the independent representative.

Profit plan: It is company plan for commissions and profits that an independent representative can earn, based on sales of products and services.

Summary of commissions: It means a periodic statement issued by the Company to its representatives, mentioning commissions and / or profit values achieved by each representative in the relevant period or session.

Customer: It means the person who buys services and the company's products but he isn’t registered as a representative.

Secondary/Sub-Representative: In accordance with the purpose of this scope, it means independent sub-representatives who are known through an independent representative or free package holders and their customers.

Basic Education and Training: It is a series of video exercises developed by the company to develop the basic skills for independent representatives marketing, presentation and forming teams or groups marketing.

Independent Representative Request Form: It means a form of purchase that can be proposed by someone to purchase the company's products.

Person: This definition contains only real persons as defined by Person AL civil Status law.

Profit Account: It means an accounting record in the company's accounting system. Each representative has their own account. This kind of account records the amount of money which the company owes to the intended independent representative for commissions and profits or vice versa.

Independent Representative: It means each contracted representative has a contract with the company and provides a Business Center (electronic account) for marketing and shopping from electronic workplaces connected to the company, and adheres to all company policies.

Package: A set of services and incentives offered by the company in electronic workplaces related to the company. These are types of service in independent sales representation The rights to duties of independent representation of sales are determined by regulations.

Referral: Refers to the activity of the independent representative who previously purchased the package, in directing and referring retail customers or Potential independent representatives to the company.

Social Media Policy: It means the policy and guidelines on how to promote the company's promotion activities and sales with independent representatives on social media platforms such as: blogs, Facebook, YouTube, the professional community LinkedIn, Myspace and other channels and sites Social networking on the network.

Consultant: This refers to the highest level of company administrators who assist by an independent representative in their activities and who can provide solutions to the problems faced by an independent representative during marketing.

Dollar: The United States dollar is the official currency of the United States of America.

3 - Independent Representatives:

3.1 - How to become an Independent Representative?

In order to become an independent representative:

A - The person must be over 18 years of age and have legal capacity.

B - Owns transferor, ID or guided.

C - Provide the correct personal information on the Company's official web page, and fill out the independent representative's electronic application form online

D - when participating, must purchase a package containing annual membership renewal fees and will the independent representative has paid this package.

3.2 - Recovery

Under reasonable commercial conditions, the Company will recover the promotional materials and/or start group produced by the company currently being marketed, if the independent representative decides to leave the Company for any reason and no longer represents the Company.

3.3 - Multiple electronic application forms for the independent representative

Only one representative's application form is allowed online. If there is more than one request for an example (whether or not the same router) received by the company, only the first request received from the company will be accepted and all subsequent independent representative requests will be considered invalid.

3.4 - Customer Orientation:

The customer of the company that applied for a representative of the company may choose any independent representative as their "reference" guide. But when customer decides to buy a free "free" membership package by an independent representative/guide to become an independent representative, the first router to engage the consumer in the free package will remain the same as a resource for this customer after becoming an independent sales representative of the company.

3.5 - Acceptance

The applicant shall become an independent representative only if the application is accepted and approved by the Company. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject any application at its discretion. If declined, the applicant will be notified of a full refund.

3.6 - Placebo or default name

No one can apply as a fictitious or default representative. There is an obligation to use official information on the application form.

4 - Appointment

4.1 - The situation of the independent representative

When a company accepts the application form of a representative of the "applicant", it sends an email notification granting the applicant the status of representative and then the applicant becomes a representative.

4.2 - Cancellation

The Company or the independent representative may unilaterally cancel the contract by the Company if the independent representative does not fulfil the obligations required of the contract and the independent representative is entitled to cancel the contract if the Company does not meet its obligations regardless of the form in which the contract is cancelled, the package will not be refunded. The second party agrees and undertakes not to recover.

No party is under an obligation to report a reason for cancellation. The contract is considered effective unless one of the parties has submitted its cancellation in the specified manner. However, if one of the parties owes debt to the other party at the time of cancellation of the contract, the debtor is obliged to close its debts as of the date of cancellation even if there is a previously agreed payment date. The second party may not claim any compensation under any name that was the result of the cancellation of the contract.

4.3 - Renewal and Termination

A -The independent representative must renew his annual membership as a representative of the company on the date of the annual date of this membership. Under the relevant conditions under the profit plan and commission, the independent representative shall be entitled to use the package by paying the annual renewal fee on or before the date of its annual date. If an independent representative pays the annual renewal fee on or before the annual date, he or she may avail himself of the full rights of the independent representative arising from the annual package of that year.

B - If an independent representative does not submit an annual renewal of his membership in the form and conditions described above in the relevant article 4.03 (a), his membership is frozen as a representative and he cannot then exercise his activities as an independent sales representative. In the event that a representative is not renewed, he will not benefit from the rights provided to him except the rest of his benefits earned prior to that date from the sales he earned on his currency and his earnings from his registered name on the company's account program.

4-4 - Renewable Package Maintenance

A - The Company reserves the right to claim a reasonable partial amount for the protection of the package of an independent representative that has expired and has not been renewed, and to protect the relevant summary of the account recorded in the name of the independent representative.

B - When the package of the independent representative that is not being renewed is frozen, the independent representative's returning account is also frozen. If the package owner has a balance in his account under the profit plan and commission, he/she will not be able to use this balance due to the freeze. However, when the agent renews the package by paying the annual renewal fee, the freeze is removed and can then use its existing balance in his account.

C - The Company reserves the right to change the maintenance fees for packages that have not been renewed from time to time, and at any time without the Company being obliged to notify the independent representative in advance.

4.5 - There is no right to represent a company

The independent representative is not an agent of the company, concessionaire, agency owner, business representative or employee and the independent representative acknowledges from this moment that this contract is not a service contract within the meaning of the labour law. The independent representative does not have the right to present himself as such, and for that reason the company is not responsible for the debts and obligations incurred by the independent representative, such as losses, taxes, social security fees and others. The relationship between the independent representative and the company is entirely governed by this procedure. Any violation of this item on behalf of the independent representative shall be considered a serious breach of the Company and may result in the immediate disbandment of the independent representative's representation.

4-6 - Non-employed / non-staff

Since the independent representative is not an employee or worker in the traditional sense of the company, the costs they pay for the purpose of expanding their business are at their own expense. The independent representative shall not be entitled to claim payment by the company to the independent representative.

4.7 - The employee's claim for compensation

The independent representative is aware that they are responsible for their responsibilities, health, injuries, compensation and security of the worker and others.

5 - The rights and responsibilities of the independent representative

5.1 - Outside exclusivity

The independent representative has non-exclusive rights to market and promote company products.

5.2 - Right of application

The independent representative has the right only to send clients and/or send another new representative to the company.

5.3 - Literary, Communication and Other Rights of the Company:

Independent representatives can periodically receive the literature and other contact information of the company from the company. In addition, they are invited to pay the appropriate fees if they participate in the company-sponsored support, services, training, motivation and knowledge functions. They may also be invited to participate in competitions, promotional and marketing programs sponsored by company representatives.

5.4 - There is no right to represent the company by a representative or an employee

The independent representative shall not be entitled to negotiate or enter into any contract on behalf of the company. He cannot claim to have such a right. He can’t present himself as a representative or employee of the company.

5.5 - Responsibility for personal authorship

Regardless of the degree of success, independent representatives are committed to continuing to personally promote sales by bringing new customers to the company and serving existing customers.

5.6 - Responsibilities for independent representatives and potential representatives

Any independent representative who provides another independent representative of the company is strongly advised to perform his/her assistance and training function in good faith to ensure the proper and proper functioning of the independent sub-representative. Continuous communication and communication is a feature of independent representatives. Independent representatives should explain the profit plan and commissions accurately and fairly. Prior, potential or actual income claims cannot be submitted to potential representatives. Independent representatives may not use their income or that of other independent representatives as evidence of success attributed to others. Independent representatives will not make promises to potential representatives about profits, guarantees about commissions or estimate the expected expenses of potential customers.

5.7 - Prohibition of changing routers and blocking infrastructure

No independent registered representative may apply to another ID in order to "move" to a group of independent representatives of another ID other than the one who directed it to a company membership.
Entry into another branch with the same name with an existing independent representative is prohibited using a valid email account other than the one previously used. If any violation of this issue is detected, the intervention will be undertaken through a thorough investigation and the contract may be broken down with the new independent representative as well as all independent representatives who are aware of this situation and have not reported it.

5-8 - Non-competitive material

The independent representative shall not be entitled to represent, promote and market any other company engaged in the field of electronic commerce, which may suspend, cancel or change the representation represented in the event of a violation of this paragraph.

5.9 - Responsibility for the obligation not to refer to other programs

A representative shall not intentionally attempt to direct or assist in the direction of another independent representative or any other person to another company or to another marketing company or sales representative institution. In addition, no independent representative may participate in any procedure that he or she knows that participation in may cause another representative or person from another company to be directed to another marketing company.

Independent representatives are strictly prohibited from promoting competitive services, products and/or other marketing programs.

With respect to the functions of the company or all of the company's property, no independent representative may request to participate in any other marketing company or participate in the sale of another marketing company's product.

A violation of any item in this section is a serious violation of the Company's policy and may result in suspension or even immediate cancellation of the right to represent the Company's independent representative.

5.10 - Warranty Violation

All independent representatives are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the corporate network. The contracts are automatically copied to independent representatives who pirated, interfered with, tampered with, altered or compromised in any way without the proper permission in the company's database or any part of the computer system (hardware and/or software), and are responsible for all losses and damage to the company.

5.11 - Legal Compliance

Independent representatives are required to comply with all laws, legislation and regulations governing the work and activity of sales representatives in this area.

5.12 - Taxes, Expenses, etc.

Independent representatives are personally responsible for the payment of any taxes they are subject to under domestic law, with the result of their income as sales representatives. As long as the law, regulations or rules in force in the countries concerned do not require otherwise, the Company shall not be obliged to provide tax information to any government authority on the commission and/or remuneration earned by representatives on the grounds that the agents pay taxes. Any commission and/or award paid by the Company is a net profit without any tax incurred by the Company. After payment of a commission and/or remuneration to an independent representative, and if the Company is not responsible for withholding the tax associated with such commission and/or remuneration, the independent representative shall indemnify the Company for such liability5.12 Taxes, expenses, etc.

5.13 - Company Debts

The independent representative must always remain loyal to the company and must not publish information/data whether verbal or written, insulting, negative or abusive against the company. The company must always maintain its management in a very respectful manner. But the contract can be broken even if it is obliged to defame or offend.

6 - Commissions and Rewards

6.1 - Competence on Commissions and/or Incentives

The independent representative must be energetic and committed to the terms of the contract, the compensation plan and the payment of annual renewal fees to gain the right to commission and/or profit. The Company shall pay the commission and/or profit to the independent representative in accordance with the profit plan as long as the independent representative is entitled under this profit plan to commission and/or gain. Independent representatives should refer to the company's profit plan for detailed data on the benefits, commissions and/or nature of profits and related requirements.

Commissions and/or incentives are paid only if the company's products and services are sold. To receive a commission on the products sold, the representative must fill out the "representative application form" that must be received and accepted by the company before the end of the commission period in which the sale takes place.

6.2 - Commission period

The commission period refers to the period during which the commission is calculated and paid on the basis of sales made the previous week.

6.3 - Allocation of Commission and/or Equivalent

Independent representatives receive commissions, bonuses and other benefits under the profit plan based on actual sales of products to customers. During the commission period in which the Product is returned to the Company for payment or return by the Company, commissions, premiums and/or other unsuccessful interest or transaction are debited. At each commission period thereafter, commissions, bonuses and/or other benefits will continue until the product is fully recovered from representatives who receive commissions and/or rewards for the sale of returned or returned items. In addition, if the Company has already paid commissions and/or rewards to a representative independent of a returned product, the Company may request the representative to return such commissions and/or bonuses and the independent representative undertakes to return such commissions and/or bonuses to the Company.

6.4 - Profit plan summary

The company reserves the right to charge transaction fees when publishing the electronic or paper compensation summary requested by the representatives.

6.5 - Commission exchange

All commissions and/or rewards obtained by the representative shall be credited to the electronic account. From time to time, a representative may direct instructions to the Company to make payments from his account through checks, draft application or wire/telegraph transfers, taking into account the administrative fees specified by the Company.

6.6 - Reorder Policy

The company will send all products currently in stock quickly. Products not in stock (unless removed from production) will be re-ordered and distributed to the company receiving an additional stock. Once shipped, a commission will be sent to independent representatives who direct and leave to order products unless notified that the product has not been cut. The order return orders can be cancelled at the request of independent clients or representatives.

6.7 - Removal

The Company shall be entitled to remove any debts owed to the Company by any representative for commission and/or profit during the business.

6.8 - Details of profit plan

The services provided by the Company with privileges that vary according to the packet type are shown in the table below. This schedule can also be obtained through the company's website.

package Work unit Coupons Points workplace
Free package 0 unit 1 free 0 point 1
Exclusive package 0 unit 1 VIP 0 point 1
Sliver package 1000 unit 10 VIP 200 point 1
Golden package 2000 unit 20 VIP 300 point 2
Diamond package 3000 unit 25 VIP 400 point 3

In buying any one of determined package in table upon, the independent representative can get the profit according to the package as determined in the next lists:

1 – The cashback for personal shopping:

The independent representative shall be entitled to refund when purchasing any product or service from any of the following websites depending on the type of package:

Diamond package Golden package Sliver package Exclusive package Free package  
%100 %100 %100 %66 %33
%100 %100 %100 %66 %33
%100 %100 %100 %66 %33

Clarification: Each percentage in this table is not calculated from product value or services but from a whole of cashback value.

Clarification: For the cash recovery process for the above-mentioned personal purchases, the financial accounts will be paid within a maximum of 45 days to confirm the repayment period.

2 - Distributors' sales commissions:

The independent representative will receive commissions for any product or service that he or she sells through his/her distributors from one of the following websites, depending on the package type:

Diamond package Golden package Silver package Exclusive package Free package  
%34 %34 %34 %33 %0
%34 %34 %34 %33 %0
%34 %34 %34 %33 %0

Clarification: All percentages in the table are not calculated from the value of the product or service, but from the total cashback value.

Clarification: For the cashback process for the above-mentioned personal purchases, the financial accounts will be paid within a maximum of 45 days to confirm the repayment period.

3 - Direct package sales commission:

The independent representative will receive a commission from the he package sells through the website (www.unimartnetwork), depending on the type of package and as specified in the following table:

Diamond Package Golden package Silver package Exclusive package Free package  
100 $ 75 $ 50 $ 0 $ 0 $ Free package
100 $ 75 $ 50 $ 0 $ 0 $ Exclusive package
100 $ 75 $ 50 $ 0 $ 0 $ Silver package
100 $ 75 $ 50 $ 0 $ 0 $ Golden package
100 $ 75 $ 50 $ 0 $ 0 $ Diamond Package

Clarification: The cash accounts of the direct sale commissions of the package will be paid immediately after each sale.

4 - Direct package t sales commission:

Step Commission: Commission obtained by the independent representative when the sales volume (BU) is equal to the BU 3 by the weaker profit. The independent representative will receive the step commission by package type, as shown in the following table:

Diamond Package Golden package Silver package Exclusive package Free package  
240 $ 220 $ 200 $ 0 $ 0 $ Step Commissions

Clarification: Step 6 commissions and their multiples (12, 18, 24, etc.) shall be deducted and replaced with points as indicated in paragraph 5.

Clarification: There is a weekly limit of the maximum indirect package sales commissions based on the package type, called the weekly profit ceiling as shown in the table below:

First rank Second rank Third rank Fourth rank Fifth rank The rank
60 50 40 30 20 Number of step commissions
10000$ Ps+ 2000 8400$ Ps+ 1600 6800$ +Ps 1200 5000$ Ps+ 1000 3400 $ 600 Ps+ Sliver package
11000$ Ps+ 2200 9240$ Ps+ 1760 7480 $ Ps + 1320 5500$ Ps+ 1100 3740 $ Ps+ 660 Golden package
12000$ Ps+ 2400 10080$ Ps + 1920 8160 $ Ps + 1440 6000$ Ps+ 1200 4080 $ Ps+ 720 Diamond package

Clarification: The numbers in the table are for only one Business Centre (BC) in the silver package. In the case of gold packages, a number (2) of business centres are obtained. In this case, each business centre can access its profit ceiling. The same condition applies to a base package containing (3) business centres. Each business centre has access to its own profit ceiling.

5 - Points Commission:

Step commission for points: The commission obtained by the independent representative when the size of the business (BU) was on the side of the weaker profit (BU18).

The independent representative will receive the step commission for points according to the package type as shown in the table below:

Diamond Package Golden package Silver package Exclusive package Free package  
3 point 3 point 3 point - - Step commission for points

Clarification: These points can be used to purchase from all corporate websites.

Clarification: Credits commission financial accounts will be prepared on a monthly basis.

Annual Renewal: The Company applies the annual renewal fee according to the package type as shown in the table below:

Diamond Package Golden package Silver package Exclusive Package Free package  
30 $ 30 $ 30 $ 10 $ 1 $ Amount of annual renewal

7 - Resignation, suspension of work and annulment

7.1 - Resignation

The independent representative can resign and/or end his representation of voluntary resignation or annulment by giving a written notice within 30 (30) days to the company. Acceptance of resignation and/or cancellation after receipt of this notice is entirely due to the company's sole discretion.

7.2 - Suspension

The Company may suspend work with an independent representative for violating the terms of the Agreement and other relevant documentation issued by the Company. When deciding to suspend work with an independent representative, the company shall inform the independent representative by email of the suspension decision, the date of suspension, the reason(s) of the suspension and the steps necessary to remove it (if any). The commentary notice must be sent to the independent representative's return email address that is in the file in accordance with the terms of the notices in this procedure and policy. This suspension may or may not result in the cancellation of the contract of the independent representative appointed by the company at its discretion. If the independent representative wishes to require the company to review the decision, he or she must notify the company in writing of this request within fifteen (15) days from the date of the notice of suspension. The Company shall review and evaluate the suspension and notify the representative by email of its decision within thirty (30) days of receipt of the written request of the independent representative. The company will no longer review this decision again. During the suspension period, the Company may carry out the procedures below, but they are not restricted to this extent:

A - The independent representative is not prohibited from retaining himself as a representative or from using the company's registered trademarks and/or other materials.

B - Suspension and/or revocation of commission and/or remuneration due to the independent representative

C - Prohibition of the independent representative's purchase of any services or products from the company

D - Prohibit or prevent the independent representative from applying to new representatives, applying to existing independent representatives or attending meetings of independent representatives

E - If, at its discretion, the company determines that the violation that led to the suspension is still continuing and not resolved in an acceptable manner, or that the independent representative has committed a new violation or breach, the contract of this independent representative with whom the work was previously suspended may be revoked.

7.3 - Termination/Rescission

Depending on the severity of the violation and the breach, any independent representative who violates a company's procedures or policies can be immediately revoked and terminated, or violates the terms of the Company's profit plan or other relevant documents. At its discretion, the Company may terminate the employment of any independent representative directly without going to the suspension decision. Upon the decision to terminate or terminate the work of the independent representative, the Company shall inform the independent representative of the decision to terminate and terminate in writing the email address.

If an independent representative requests a review of the termination decision, he or she shall notify the Company in writing of this request within fifteen (15) days from the date of termination. If the Company does not receive this request within fifteen (15) days, the decision to terminate will be considered final. If an independent representative makes a written request in due course, the Company shall review the decision and notify the independent representative of the result of the examination within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request. The company will no longer review its decision. If the termination decision is not withdrawn, the termination shall remain effective from the date specified in the original termination notification.

7.4 - Effects of resignation, suspension and Rescission

After resignation, the former independent representative may not present himself as a representative of the company. He should cease using trademarks, service marks, trade names and any materials that refer to or contain any marks or marks of the Company or stationery, or declare any product, plan or program of the Company in this regard. This independent representative is not entitled to any assistance under the agreement, policy, procedures and/or profit plan. The Company retains all outstanding commissions and/or bonuses. If the representative's comment is removed in the future, the company may, at its own discretion, pay all commissions and/or unpaid instalments to the independent representative.

When the contract of an independent representative has been revoked:

A - It must remove and discontinue the use of any product, program or plan of the company;

B - It must cease to represent itself or to present itself as a representative of the company.

C - Losing all his rights in respect of all commissions and profits to be paid by the Company and those arising from his position as an independent representative in the profit plan.

D - It shall conduct the transactions reasonably specified by the Company in a manner appropriate to the measures taken to protect the Company's confidential information and documentation. The Company reserves the right to settle any amount owed to the Company by the independent representative, including but not limited to the obligation to compensate for commissions and/or profits under section 11.15 of this document.

8 - Transfer of authority / representation

8.1 - Acquisition of representation

A - Unless expressly stated herein, the independent representative may not sell, appoint or transfer the competence of the representation (or any right thereof) to another independent representative or to any other person without the written consent of the Company.

B - In general, the application for the transfer of ownership of the representative shall be approved only in very specific exceptional circumstances and cases, which shall be determined on a case-by-case basis.

C - In exceptional circumstances and cases, the representative shall send a written request to the Company, accompanied by the following supporting documents:

1 - the contract for the transfer of the authority of the representation to be duly signed by both the carrier and the transferring party, including but not limited to the identity of the parties, the price of the transfer and the date of the transfer;

2 - Letter of duly signed consent by the carrier's authority,

3 - A copy of the identity documents of both the carrier and the transferee and the carrier's judgment

4 - Other documents required by the Company in accordance with its terms of reference and in its own discretion.

5 - The success or non-success of the application submitted to the Company shall be subject to section 8.01 (c), which is non-refundable, and the transfer fee shall be charged for the transfer proceedings in question.

8.2 - Environmental Compatibility

According to the company's own estimate, if it is determined that a representative has been transferred to the agreement in order to cover policies, procedures and/or a profit plan, the transfer will be null and void. At its discretion, the Company may take appropriate action, including but not limited to, terminating the representation of the independent representative.

9 – Transfer /Authorization

The death

The independent representative has the right to nomination a person as a company’s representative where the representative authorizes his representation of that person upon the death of the independent representative. The independent representative has the right to change the candidate by providing written notice to the company. However, the company will not accept this transfer if the candidate or final candidate does not complete the present independent representative's application form and does not provide certified copies of the independent representative's death certificate to the company. The candidate is then entitled to take over the place of the deceased independent representative and to receive all commissions, premiums or other rights and all subsequent benefits and/or to be subject to all obligations as an independent representative of the company. If no one of an independent representative to candidate during his live. the right package will be stay to his heritage accordance local list of low immediate his death. In case of showing of any certificate by someone of his heritage explaining that he is authorized by the heirs. The right and obligation to an independent representative will transfer to him.

10 - Especial information

10.1 - secret information

During the agreement, the Company may provide independent representatives with confidential information, including but not limited to, the customer information created by the Company or developed by independent representatives on behalf of the Company. Including but not limited to credit data, customer profiles, independent representative, product purchase information, representative lists, manufacturer and supplier information, business reports, and commission reports or sales and other financial and business information that the Company may assign in confidence. All of this information (whether written or electronic) is the Company's confidential property and is communicated to independent representatives on a "need to know" basis for use only in the business of the Company and its independent representatives.

Independent representatives must make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of such information and not to disclose it to third parties or to use it in direct or indirect external activities. Independent representatives should not use this information for any purpose other than to compete with the Company or promote its software, products and services. When identifying, renewing or revoking the agreement, independent representatives shall cease the use of this confidential information and promptly return it to the Company.

10.2 - Reports related to Internet and telephone

At the request of a delegate, the Company may provide information on the volume of personal and group sales (or any part thereof) including, but not limited to, online or telephone activity reports, as well as, but not limited to, information such as the attribution activity to the independent representative. However, the accuracy, accuracy, completeness and adequacy of information are the result of any combination of factors, including, but not limited to, the possibility of human and mechanical internal error, IT failure, accuracy, completeness, timeliness of requests, rejection of credit cards, paid checks, returned products, or retrieval of credit card payments and electronic checks is not guaranteed by the Company or anyone who creates or transfers information in any form or other form at the specified time.

10.3 - Use the company's name, logo, or trade names

A- The company's name, logo, trade name, trademarks, product names, brochures, catalogues, sales materials, contracts, sales training sessions, regulation, audio and video tools, presentations or activities are the property of the company's worldwide copyright. The company retains exclusive title or license rights for all content.

B. Independent representatives shall not, under any circumstances, be allowed to reproduce, distribute or reproduce any copy of these articles. Independent representatives may not use the Company's name, logo, trade name, trademarks, software names or product names in any form.

10.4 - Copyright restrictions

Independent representatives must comply with the copyright use and protection restrictions of all manufacturers, in respect of the purchase of products from the Company. No independent representative may record company meetings, conferences, meetings or speeches (including conference calls) in the video and/or audio without the company's prior written consent.

10.5 - Vendor confidentiality

The company's business relationships with its suppliers, manufacturers and manufacturers are confidential. Independent representatives are not allowed, directly or indirectly, to contact, speak or communicate with any vendor or manufacturer, except for company sponsored events involving the supplier or manufacturer at the request of the Company.

11 - To promote the Representative's work

11.1 - Promotional and Advertising Tools

The independent representative is allowed to use only promotional and advertising materials written or approved by the company in order to advertise or promote his business activities or to sell the company's products and services. Reproduction, reprinting, or customisation of company publications and materials without prior written permission is prohibited. All promotional materials bearing the name or logo of the Company shall be purchased from the Company only, unless prior written permission is obtained from the Company. The independent representative is allowed to include his/her name and address, the address of the independent representative, the telephone number and the independent representative's identification number on the promotional material approved or sold by the company.

11.2 - Title/Title of Independent Representative

Independent representatives only present themselves as "independent representatives of the company". reference can be made to the relative degree obtained by a representative at any time. For example: An independent representative with the rank of adviser.

11.3 - Stationery and Business Cards

A - Only copy and design data certified by the Company shall be used.

B - Independent representatives are not allowed to create stationery, business cards or their own heading using the company's trade name or brand, without prior approval from the Company's Legal Department.

C - Independent representatives shall not be allowed to include the address, telephone number, or e-mail address of any office or subsidiary of the company in business cards, stationery or promotional cards .

11.4 - Electronic Advertising

Independent representatives may not advertise, market or promote the company's plan or product, or use the company's name in any publicly available environment, including the Internet, on any website or otherwise, without the written consent of the company's legal department. Once this approval has been obtained, independent representatives must comply with the social media policy. It is prohibited to connect randomly and to connect automatically. A violation of this section is a serious violation of company procedures and policies, and may suspend/suspend the ability to represent a dissenting independent representative or even revoke it.

11.5 - Schedule your phone

Representatives of the Company shall not be allowed to use the Company's trade names, telephone and fax numbers in the materials that they do not follow and which are not approved by the Company without the prior written consent of the Company's Legal Department.

11.6 - Media Interviews

Representatives of the Company are prohibited from holding interviews on radio, television, newspapers, newspapers or magazines, using interviews and public conversations of the Company or making public statements without the prior written consent of the Company. All media questions should be addressed to the Corporate Relations Department of the Company's Main Office.

11.7 - Approval (Acknowledgment)

No approval may be granted by the company's employee, manager or third party except as expressly provided in the company's and communication regulations.

11.8 - Independent Communication

Independent representatives, as independent contractors, are encouraged to disseminate information and guidance to their sub-representatives. However, when representatives of the company communicate with their sub-representatives, they must differentiate between their personal contacts and the company's official contacts.

11.9 - View Company Products

The integration of the corporate profit plan is based on the virtual store e-commerce methods. Independent representatives are prohibited from selling Company products intentionally in supermarkets, food stores, used goods markets, barter meetings, permanent restaurant offerings, bars, nightclubs, any similar institution or market, including fuel stations, and without limitation on such places, but also from selling any of the Company's products intentionally at any retail outlets. Or they cannot own any of the Company's products, company name, company trademarks, or company publications or promotional materials. Exceptions must be approved in writing by the Company Legal Unit.

11.10 - Product and Service orders

Independent representatives shall not be permitted to make any claim, representation or warranty in respect of any of the Company's products, except those contained in the Company's official materials/regulations expressly approved in writing by the Company in advance.

11.11 - Disable faxes and spam

Unwanted fax and e-mail (spam) transmission is prohibited.

11.12 - Record keeping

The Company encourages all independent representatives to keep the records of business relations fully and accurately.

11.13 - Legal Compliance

Any tool or presentation used by the independent representative within the rights of the respective party of the independent representative's country should be in the promotion of the business concept, products and/or profit plan. It is the responsibility of the independent representative to ensure that the data provided and the methods used in the presentation are legally permitted in his country. It is also his responsibility to obtain the required license, grade or certificate if a particular license or degree of professionalism is required to provide such data or to make such offers or to perform the business legally in a particular place.

11.14 - Convention on Compensation

Each independent representative, company or executive directors, employees and agents shall be responsible, but not limited to, for any claim, liability, loss, cost or expense, including but not limited to the expenses of the court and the attorneys' fees. The costs of the Court and the attorneys' fees incurred and arising directly or indirectly in respect of one of these, as claimed or suffered, will not be harmed or compensated by it. Otherwise for the independent representative:

A - Activities and activities as an independent representative

B - Violation of the terms of the agreement

C - Non-compliance or violation of applicable laws, regulations or rules.

12 - International Support/Care

International Sponsorship Statement International sponsorship is an opportunity for an independent representative to register others as sub-representatives not only in the domestic market currently registered, but also in other countries and affiliated markets where the company has developed a local action plan. As a guide, an independent representative may identify new independent representatives of the company in other countries and their markets.

13 - General provisions

13.1 - Prohibited to Company Employees

Company employees and close family members (e.g. husband, mother, father, brother, sister, etc.) living in the same home with employees are prohibited from participating in the profit plan. Violating this policy is dangerous, and may result in the employee being dismissed from work and the entire network being transferred to the company.

13.2 - Responsibility

Independent representatives agree and acknowledge that they use the Company's Web sites, services, software, functions, information, applications and tools (The services will be referred to below) under their own use.

13.3 - Forced/Persuasive Reason

The Company is not responsible for the delay or failure of performance due to conditions beyond its control such as: Strikes, manpower shortages, fires, floods, earthquakes, other natural disasters, war, government decrees or orders, IT errors (including hardware and software) errors due to weakness/lack of daily security, or limiting the source of a party's natural supply.

13.4 - Violations

Each independent representative has the obligation to comply and to maintain the integrity of these policies and procedures. If another independent representative sees a violation of the integrity of the policies and procedures, he or she shall consult directly with the independent representative who committed the violation. If the independent representative wishes to inform the company of this violation, he or she must explain the violation in detail by filling out the company complaint form, which can be obtained from the company's official website, and send it to the company by e-mail.

13.5 - Changes

The Company reserves the right to modify/change its policies and procedures, retail prices and use of products, services and/or profit plan, at any time without prior notice and as it deems appropriate. Changes will be sent to independent representatives through official company publications or company site. The modifications are valid and binding after they are listed on the company site. If there is any conflict between the original documents or policies and any such change has occurred, this change will be effective.

13.6 - Referral/Renewal/Transfer

At any time, the Company may delegate or waive its interests, rights and obligations under this agreement to a third party without the prior authorization of the independent representative. The independent representative undertakes to do and do all that the company may require to complete and complete such recruitment, assignment or transfer.

13.7 - Prohibition of Implied Waiver

Failure by a company to exercise any power under the contract or its non-insistence on the independent representative to comply with any obligation or provision of the contract and not to execute parties that may vary according to the contract for any particular or practical application does not mean that the Company relinquishes the right to claim full compliance with the Convention and/or policies and procedures at any time. The Company's waiver of private default by an independent representative or the weakening of the Company's rights in respect of subsequent instalments will not affect. It will in no way affect the rights or obligations of any other independent representative. Failure to delay.

13.8 - Applicable law

The agreement, policies, procedures and profit plan are governed by local laws.

13.9 - Power /Authority

Any dispute, dispute, claim, violation, breach or invalidity arising in or in connection with the contract, policies, procedures and/or profit plan must be resolved amicably between the respective independent representative and the company, before recourse to the court. Authorizes the courts concerned and the executive services to settle disputes arising from this Convention and other disputes between the parties to the Convention. Company books, records, and contracts are accepted as the only evidence.

13.10 - Overall Agreement

Together, the agreement, policies, procedures and profit plan form the entire agreement between the independent representative and the company.

13.11 - Division

The validity or enforceability of these Terms shall not be affected or impaired in any way, unless it conflicts with the supreme provision of any law.

13.12 - Advertising and Communication

Any notice issued or submitted by the Company regarding the contract, policies, procedures or profit plan must be sent to the email address specified by the independent representative and the file's registrar. Any notice, request or other contact about the Company must be sent or delivered to the Company's head office.