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How We
actually work

Mainly we work in E-commerce in all its fields and entering a globally new market , as the global vision to the new economy aims to find strong resources alternative to what exists now a days , addition to that create job opportunities for young people.. We encourage young people to create a special profit-based project based on the marketing of products through relationships, providing faster access to the product.

We success of providing a real jobs for more than 30,000 people during 4 years, and because E-commerce has different forms, one of them is online. We insist on set up a platform for booking airline tickets and hotels with a modern and sophisticated system, We offer a service that makes it easy for you to go to the travel offices that cost you time and effort. As we care about all age groups.

we have created a modern and sophisticated airline and hotel booking platform that makes it easy for you to take your own time and effort into booking centers. As we are carefully at all levels of age, we have provided a special electronic platform for the purchase of international cards (recharge cards, game cards and electronic stores). All services and products provided by the company are opposite to the partner or operator who registers to the company will receive a profit return exceeding expectations, making it a free business opportunity for the low-income.

An e-platform offering advanced tourist services with ease and simplicity, represented by booking airline tickets and hotel booking, as well as tourism insurance for all Unimart subscribers with a cashback at every booking

Unimart offers an electronic platform that cuts the way to enter the shopping world from your house or anywhere else.

A service that takes you from a normal user to a special user with services at different levels of cashback value.

The easiest way to buy cards of all types and categories, smoothly and cashback at every purchase. Expand and Explore the World Move your company to the Next level Be the first one who get the modern technology Be the first one who get the modern technology