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What is unimart network?

How can I participate with unimart?

What are available packages?

How can I communicate with unimart costumer services?

How can I upgrade my account in case I participate in unimart?

In case forgotten password, how can I get a new password?

How can I change personal data?

how can i change ownership of the conract ?

How do I progress and increase my account activity?


What are vouchers? How do it work?

Can I cancel or delete vouchers ?

Do my vouchers have an expiration date?

if there is a problem with vouchers! What do I do?


How do I become eligible for profit?

How are profits calculated?

I worked on the company's plan over the past period and didn't get a sufficient profit?

How do I locate my group's new recordings?

How do I locate the new member in my team?

can I transfer the new recording to the opposite station after their registration is complete?

Payment of commissions and withdrawals

When are my profits collected from commissions?

What are the options for drawing Commission profits?

Downlines, Personal customers:

How long does it take for new customers (my team) to appear to pay commissions?

Addresses and upgrades

What are the ranks? What titles are available?

What are the requirements of customer points?

  • It’s a mechanism of work for unimart company, its work in relationships marketing.

  • By register, invitation (exclusive to unimart’s subscribers)

  • Unimart has (free, VIP, silver, golden, diamond) and each one has privilege.

  • You can communicate if you have any explanation or any problem via the following email or call 07835078142

  • .'It’s too easy, by buying package.

  • Express by the login page and choose "Restore Password.

  • Send your request to change personal data on page of your information

  • By submitting an application containing the new contract to the new account holder, a written assignment from the original contract holder, a transfer fee, and completing the application form

  • You can do this by continuing and focused follow-up to your own team and ongoing marketing

  • A available feature for the Network package that provides it with several VIP packages that it can handle, by giving it free or selling it. It appears to the subscriber within their own account where the Voucher List option appears.

  • No. you can't.

  • NO. they haven't

  • First, make sure you're connected to the Internet and also from the coupon numbers, you can also send your personal customer service account information to make sure the coupon works correctly.

  • By registering or selling company agencies or by selling company products or marketing services or cards

  • profits vary by package type or by products sold in the market.

  • Customer Service is contacted to check the workflow, verify information, correct the error if any, and resolve the issue

  • You can do this through your personal account and choose Alignement setting

  • This is done when the Ask option is selected in Alignment setting.

  • No, you can't

  • Commissions are sent from the new team member registration every Saturday

  • Unimart-Card , Zain Cash , Asia Hawala

  • This situation depends on the participant's competence and continuous follow-up to his team and his or her office members

  • Leader , Country , Regional , Core, Partinal

  • Continuous registrations and team strength have increased the possibility of upgrading to a grade and the rank is awarded through the Office Officer "Partinal

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  • How can I upgrade my account in case I participate in unimart?
  • What are vouchers? How do it work?
  • How do I become eligible for profit?
  • What are the requirements of customer points?